Working with the Country to provide excellence.

Yesdi Inc. Is proud to show our patriotism by having several contracts with our local and the national government.

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The Federal Aviation Administration and eFAST

Small businesses often rely on having web-based acquisition tool and automated workflows, which eFAST is the preferred contracting vehicle for those small businesses that are compliant and meet those standards. When we at Yesdi Inc. have been contracted by the FAA we use eFAST standards.

Department of Transportation

We provide services to the Department of Transportation, helping ensure our nation has a safe, efficient, and modern transportation system, this also includes working closely with the FAA.

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United States Postal Service

The mission of the United States Postal Service is to provide reliable, efficient, trusted, and affordable universal delivery services that connects people and helps businesses grow. Like our mission here at Yesdi, we work alongside them to ensure businesses can develop to their fullest potential.