Small Business Solutions

Yesdi understands the purpose of specific technology to better serve your business. We will work with you to customize your support by providing the optimal selection of services for your business currently and in the future.

Some of our Clients:

The people whose business we really appreciate!

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Cooper Law Firm

Yesdi Inc. has provided outstanding IT services to the Cooper law Firm in Silver Spring, MD. Their firm successfully handles complex and high value cases, and has been at the forefront of positive change in civil litigation and personal injury claims.

Westchester Environmental

Providing regional environmental monitoring and consulting, Westchester Environmental is a successful firm based in the Borough of West Chester in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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Strategic IT Consulting

IT strategic consulting is not only focused on your IT technology goals but also your business goals. The core of our services is developing a plan addressing your existing infrastructure, IT technology goals, business goals, and your budget. Yesdi offers discovery and analysis services, telecommunication services, and cyber security. Our consultants can help you maximize the effectiveness of your technology investment with the final objective of making your business more successful in mind. Yesdi's experienced IT consultants provides expert advice and guidance. We can help you to reduce cost, improve performance, increase effectiveness, and achieve resilience.

IT Support

Our IT support services are designed around you and your needs. Yesdi understands one size dos not fit all. Yesdi offers managed services, outsourced personnel, proactive maintenance, remote monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, and cabling and infrastructure. Our customized IT support solutions to ensure that your systems operate smoothly, and your problems are resolved.

Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management model consists of strategy planning, service design and implementation, service management, and service improvement. We evaluate your organization to determine the most suitable strategies for your lifecycle management. Based on the chosen strategies, services are designed for implementation. We manage and monitor the services for you continuously to ensure operations flow smoothly. Yesdi offers procurement and acquisition, mobile device management, and e cycling.

Cloud Services

Yesdi recognizes that every organization has unique needs, and always begin with an assessment to determine the specific business benefits you can gain from our cloud services. Yesdi offers website hosting, cloud computing, Microsoft Office 365,Google Apps, file sharing. Our cloud services offer the benefits of increasing operation efficiency, responsiveness and agility of your business, achieving cost savings, and accessing corporate data anytime, anywhere.

Web Development

Yesdi offers web design, programming, and custom applications. Our web development services offer you the benefits of affordability, specialized industry expertise, seamless application integration, and raising your revenues. Our web development experts are dedicated to design, implement, and support your websites with the highest level of quality. Yesdi Systems provides skilled software engineers that are proficient in Java development environments. We perform life cycle tests for web based applications as well as maintain it.

We implement Google, Bing, and Yahoo optimization when developing your website.

Business Email Services

Yesdi offers email security, email archiving and compliance, outbound email filtering, email encryption, email continuity, and email marketing. Our email services offer you the benefits of ease of usage, security and protection, performance management and cost-effectiveness. Yesdi Systems is a Google partner providing Google email services.

GIS Services

"Yesdi proudly utilizes OSGeo's open source GIS software to provide our customers with next-level GIS data management & mapping capabilities."

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