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IT- Augmented Management Consulting

We will help you understand your workforce, the assets you have available, and the tools you have to move forward with your business plan.

Software Integration & Architecture

Find out how our IT can move your business forward.

Software & Systems Engineering

You know what you want out of your software; Let us deliver it with timeliness and ease.

IT Solutions You Can Rely On

We think of ourselves as problem solvers first and foremost and every project we commit to is thoroughly considered and prepared for. We familiarize ourselves with every detail of our customer's goals, and approach each job with a comprehensive step-by-step plan that allows us to guarantee quality and accountability. Our flexibility is our greatest asset; and we understand the importance of having a business’s needs met and lack of downtime for unnecessary maintenance. We make every effort to ensure that their variety of objectives are met with a high standard of excellence. With precision our IT experts plan ahead, be it providing quality software services or optimizing a business’s network, we handle it with the utmost care and consideration.

Our Specialty Services

In order to ensure that quality is met in every project we undertake, Yesdi specializes in the following IT-related services. We put hard work into every service we provide and will not rest until all of our client's needs are met:

Professional IT Services


Software and Systems Engineering


GIS Application Development

Web Application Development


Software Integration


Enterprise Architecture

Service Orientated Architecture


Mobile Application Consulting

Yesdi provides business solutions and other small business services in order for your business to efficiently grow. We offer small businesses infrastructure recommendations, implementations, and support to help your business save time and money.

Strategic IT Consulting


IT Support


Lifecycle Management


Cloud Services


Web Development


Business Email Services

Services Optimized for Your Needs

Yesdi is an innovator in the field of IT consultation services. We have chosen to specialize in business related IT products and applications in order to help our clients obtain peak performance out of their companies. Known for our high standards of quality in both government and private sectors, we carry with us a reputation bolstered by the support of countless satisfied clients. Give us a call today to find out how we can optimize your business to compete in a modern world.